Welcome, 5th Grade Math Students!

We are looking forward to a great year of learning! There are many opportunities for student success planned and hope you give it your best to succeed. One of the most important contributions you can make is to take ownership of your own learning. In other words, come prepared to class, use your class time wisely, ask questions when you need more help, take notes in class, participate in class discussions, and keep on task. Google Calendar, which is a part of Google Classroom, will be a great place to keep current on assignments.

Your math class time on most weeks will look like the following:

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday:

  • Math Minutes to review/introduce concepts

  • Direct Instruction for the concept of the day

  • Practice the concepts through Remembering and Review problems/Independent Activities/Computer lesson practice/Enrichment activities

  • Time to complete Daily Word or Test Tutor problems*

    *These will be given on Monday, can be corrected during the week and are due for a final grade on Friday. The plan is for these to be done at school.


  • Assessments will be given based on the concepts from the previous Tuesday through Monday of that week as well as review topics.

  • Problem Solving Activities with teacher direction, then on your own, which is due on Friday.

  • Math Writing with teacher direction, then on your own, which is due on Friday

Your grade will be based on total points earned throughout the nine weeks. Our classroom folder will be a great resource for you knowing how your grade is coming along. Each Wednesday, you will take a picture of your cover sheet to share with your parents. While we expect assignments to be turned in on time, we will take up to 3 late papers per 9 weeks no later than the following Monday. Full credit will not be given for any late papers.

We will be using the Chromebooks as a learning tool to assist students with resources, practice, class information and more. We are excited to try out the numerous opportunities that we have found to enhance the students’ math experience. Please contact us when you have concerns about Chromebook usage so we can correct any glitches. Assignments should be completed on hard copy form or through the use of the Chromebook as we look for the best learning opportunities for the concepts. If issues arise with the Chromebook, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to finding ways to meet student needs with a new tool that is available to all of us. Because we will be using the Chromebooks frequently, it is a must that they be fully charged and at school each day.

Classroom expectations are fairly easy. You need to respect yourself and others. By now you have learned what is correct behavior for school based on your previous years in a classroom. We will expect you to come prepared to class ready to learn each day. We will follow the procedures listed in the student handbook for any inappropriate behavior. Communication is huge. If you have a problem, talk to us. Do not wait until it is out of control and too late.

Looking forward to a great year!